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kids Birthday Party Ideas Perth

We can help you organise the ultimate kid's birthday party.

Want some ideas to create a fantastic, minimum stress birthday party for your child that they will love?

We have them all right here! From Party Venues especially just for kid's parties, Professional Catering Companies to Clowns, Magicians, Bouncy Castle Hire, and even Slumber Tent Hire for the ultimate Slumber Party.

We know how much effort can go into making sure your child and his/her party guests have a great time, with a great venue, food and entertainment so why not hire some professionals to take care of it all so you can sit back and enjoy yourself as well.

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Birthday Party Tips

Having a birthday party at home? Below is some tips and advice to ensure everything goes exactly as planned.

Invitations - be specific about the duration of the party and clearly stipulate when you expect the parents to pick up their children. Otherwise you may find yourself once the party has finished being an unexpected babysitter.

Indicated if parents are invited along with their children. Parents of younger children may wish to stay the whole time while others may be happy to just drop them off. If the parents are not staying, make sure you grab their phone number in case of an emergency or if they don't turn up at the stipulated time.

Ask if any child has an allergy, is a vegetarian or can only eat gluten free food so you can be prepared with food for every child.

If the party is indoors, shut the doors of every room you don't want the kids (and parents) to venture into, hide all breakables and valuables and make the remaining rooms are childproof. Work out which of your child's toys your child is happy for other children to play with and hide all the rest. You don't want the day ruined for your child because a favourite toy was broken. Also with the birthday presents your child receives on the day, best to put them away once the presents have been opened so another child doesn't break them accidentally.

Use plastic cutlery, cups and napkins for ease of cleaning up afterwards. Put some bins in prominent places to encourage your guests to deposit their rubbish into them.

Let parents know if it is going to be an outdoor birthday party so that they can provide a hat and suncream, (or warm clothes if it is winter) and make sure you have a plan B in case it rains.

Plan extra activities and games. It is better to have too many than not enough. Have a couple of extra prizes on hand just in case.

Make up a couple of extra party bags for brothers/sisters of guests who might turn up unexpectedly.

Overall holding a great kid's birthday party doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of effort. Just ensure you have some good party food that you know kids will love such as chips, red sausages, party pies and sausage rolls and of course the birthday cake. Organise some party games if there is no other entertainment and give them a party bag to take home afterwards. It's that simple.