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Benefits of Holding your Wedding in a hotel

There are a number of benefits of holding your wedding reception in a luxury hotel.

Hotels tend to come with all the 'bells and whistles', beautiful decor, professional staff, an experienced function manager, exquisite food, a large selection of quality wines and most importantly luxury accommodation so you can send your limousine home early and at the stroke of midnight, say goodbye to your guests and leisurely wander upstairs to your king size bed and gorgeous luxurious suite.

1. Hotels are experienced in holding large functions

Hotels host a number of weddings and large functions throughout the year so are very experienced in making sure your wedding runs smoothly and will help you every step of the way.

The staff will be well trained in hospitality, the Chef will make sure all the food is perfectly cooked and sent out in an efficient manner, the air-conditioner will cope no matter the amount of people in the room and the room will be exquisitely decorated to your personal taste and vision.

The hotel staff will also be able to efficiently help you with any problems that arise, for chances are, the same problems have happened before with previous wedding receptions.

2. Facilities

Hotels will have a number of facilities available that other venues don't offer such as beauty salons, spas, swimming pools, tennis court, golf course and cocktail lounge. Most will have a large choice of function rooms to choose from, no matter the capacity of your wedding.

They will also have complete sets of good quality tables, comfortable chairs and beautiful dinnerware, and possibly able to match the chairs and tablecloths to suit your wedding style and theme.

Most hotels provide their own quality AV equipment and microphone which will be all set up for you so you won't have to worry about paying extra to hire the equipment or have sound problems with speeches and the music.

And after your wedding ceremony, for those hours while you are getting your photos done, and your guests are waiting for your reception to start, they have the convenience of being able to wait in the cocktail lounge or bar, their own hotel room if they had chosen to stay overnight, or wander around the hotel in air-conditioned comfort.

3. Preferred Suppliers

Hotels will have a list of preferred suppliers they use, suppliers that come highly recommended, so you can be 100% certain they are professional and experts in their field, whom the hotel has used many times over saving you the stress of finding a reputable reliable supplier.

And these suppliers will probably have been hired multiple times for other weddings for the same function room, so will know the layout, the best lighting, where to set up and how best to service your wedding in a professional efficient manner.

4. Weather

There is one thing that is not only uncontrollable but also when booking your wedding at least a year ahead, completely unpredictable and that is of course the Weather. And it could completely ruin your day, not only if it is pouring with rain, but if there is a heat wave or if it is freezing cold which could make it extremely uncomfortable for everyone.

The best thing about a hotel is it won't matter what the weather is outside, you and your guests will be in complete air-conditioned comfort throughout the whole hotel. And if it is pouring with rain outside, you have the peace of mind that there is a contingency plan of being able to take your photos within the hotel.

If you planned to have both your ceremony and wedding in a hotel, you could even book your wedding right in the middle of winter - given it would be the low season for weddings, not only could the Hotel be cheaper, but also all the suppliers and they would all more likely be available and more accommodating to offering you a discount.

5. After Party Events

The one thing that can happen once your wedding reception has finished that you probably never even thought about is the anti-climax feeling once it is all over. All the planning, the cost, the anticipation, the dreaming about your wedding day, having all your closest friends and family in the one room - and once it is over, there can be this feeling of deep disappointment that it has finished.

But the best thing about holding your wedding in a hotel is your guests are more likely to stay overnight in the hotel with you (usually with a discounted rate), so although you may have to leave your reception room at midnight, the celebrations can still continue long into the early hours of the morning in the cocktail lounge or your suite and more importantly even for breakfast.

Below is some of the best and well known Hotels that Perth has to offer, all with beautiful suites and a multiple choice of gorgeous function rooms to choose from:

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Specialising in weddings and conferences, with a choice of 6 fully equipped function rooms to choose from including an exclusive conference floor, the experienced team at Novotel Perth Langley will ensure your function is exactly as you envisaged.

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