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Most Important Factors in Choosing an Event Venue

Choosing a venue is one of the most intimidating tasks when organising an event. There are many factors to consider, which can result in overlooking smaller, but equally important, details.

To help you out, we consulted veteran event organisers and created a list of the most important things to check in a venue (other than the budget!):


As much as possible, choose a venue that’s within a reasonable distance from the workplace or residences of most attendees. If many of them are from out of town, look for options close to airports and hotels.

Whichever you choose, consider the availability of transportation and traffic volume. Professional organisers use a mobile app for their events, which includes GPS maps, schedules, driving directions, parking information, emergency numbers, etc.



Just because a venue looks spacious doesn’t mean it can comfortably fit all the attendees. Formally confirm with the management that the venue has enough space, amenities, chairs, and tables for your guest to feel comfortable.

Shane Perry, business advisor from Max Funding, shares a tip,”The earlier you prepare, the better. Start with the budget, number of attendees, and space requirements. Book the venue at least 4 to 6 months before the event so that you’ll have adequate time for other things such as décor, catering, and entertainment.

Ask for confirmation from attendees at least a month before the event so you can make the necessary adjustments. Some organisers recommend putting an extra 10% just in case you get “surprise guests”.

Does the venue offer catering services? If not, do they have a well-equipped kitchen that you can use? Most venues without kitchen facilities have a partnership with caterers that you may also hire. In some cases, the venue and the caterer are a package.

Ask for a food tasting activity weeks before the event because the food’s quality can significantly affect the experience of the attendees.

Some restaurants double as event venues.


Pay close attention to the architecture and décor of the venue. Are these aligned with the theme of your event? For example, the launching of a new supercar is more suitable in a modern environment, rather than a place with 18th century-inspired detailing.

The trick is to decide how you want the event to feel. Upscale? Youthful? High-tech?


You’ll save a great deal of money if the venue already offers the following:

Tables, chairs, and linens: Do they match your theme? Plastic chairs are the nightmare of upscale events.

Set up and cleaning crew: You’ll undoubtedly be relieved if the venue has a well-trained staff who can handle preparation and restoration.

Audio-visual equipment: If you have any sort of multimedia presentation, test it using the venue's equipment a week or two before the event. You may also ask a crew member to rerun it the night before the event.

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