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Everything You Need to Know on Planning an Engagement Party

engagement party

An engagement party is a traditional way of sharing the news about the wedding with your family and friends. Many would agree that the celebrations begin at this party and because of this, you would want to make sure to do it right.

So, we’ve asked some seasoned party planners around Perth to answer etiquette questions and share insider tips.

Who should throw the engagement party?

In the past, engagement parties are organised by the bride’s parents, but anybody can host it these days. Couples can throw the celebration too!

If you decide to host the party in Perth, here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing a venue.

When should it happen?

Party planners encourage the host to throw the party as soon as the couple is engaged. There will be many festivities for the forthcoming union and it’s best to spread them out. Also, you don’t want to bottle up the excitement for too long.

Who should receive an invitation?

Like other pre-wedding parties, it would be polite to invite those who attended the engagement party to your wedding. This is particularly common if the couple or their parents will host the party.

Is there a need for formal invitations?

“This entirely depends on the type of event you’ll be organising. Paper invitations are recommended if you have time for a seated dinner. But if you want to be more casual, e-vites can be used. E-vites are digital invitations with playful themes, although you can also find traditional designs for fancier affairs.”, advises Alister Clare, personal finance advisor at Credit Capital.

Should you include registry information in the invitation?


It’s discouraged to include your registry information in the engagement party invitation. While it’s customary, it isn’t mandatory. Furthermore, the same people will be attending your wedding, and they’ll be bringing gifts from your wedding registry.

Can you have two or more engagement parties?

Having several engagement parties isn’t unusual, especially if the wife-to-be and groom-to-be came from different places. You might want to celebrate with cousins and college buddies, former and present workmates, etc.

Can you combine another celebration with the engagement party?

Holding another celebration with your engagement party isn’t exactly an etiquette faux-pas. However, you may want to avoid certain holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day, when people tend to have other plans with family or a special someone.

Can parents meet for the first time during the engagement party?

While there’s no doubt about the love of your parents, an engagement party isn’t exactly the best atmosphere for them to meet. It would better to find a more intimate setting where they can get to know each other.

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